Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm a Working Mom

Ho hum. There are a lot of working moms in the world. From the mom who is a CEO to the stay-at-home mom who humphs because she's a working mom too (just doesn't get the paycheck), there are a LOT of working moms. I'm just like them. And then again, not.

Even a-a-a-all the way back 25 years ago, when I only had three children, and was a working mom who also went to college. There were those people who looked me over closely with squinting eyes and demanded, "HOW do you DO it?" or would tilt their head as tho' trying to imagine how the pieces of the puzzle fit together and ask, "HOW does that WORK?!"

And over those years, there were many, many challenges, mostly medical in nature. Some so severe that I have few to no memories of a handful of those years. And the questions still came. And I had no answer... I just kept waking (most) every morning.

And here I am, 25 years later and finally have the answers:
I don't.
And it doesn't.
But it has to.
So it does.

People eat, bathe and breathe. I struggle to complete a thought. Most of the time they are interrupted by the interjections of children, dogs, telephones or something burning.

I go to work. Sometimes for two weeks at a time. 867 miles away. On the north coast of Alaska 3 miles from the Arctic Ocean. I know what some of you are thinking. Probably because I thought it first.

This is just the beginning... and this is where I explain it: not how it works... but how it is.

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